Résumé of Ben Scholzen


PHP 5 / 7, Python, XML, JavaScript, SQL, HTML5, CSS3
Zend Framework 1, 2 and 3, Doctrine 2, jQuery
Web Servers
Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx
Operating Systems
Debian, Ubuntu
Version Control
Git, Subversion


November 2013
Zend Framework 2 Certified Architect
November 2013
Zend Certified PHP Engineer
October 2011
Zend Certified Engineer: PHP 5.3
September 2008
Zend Certified Engineer: PHP 5
August 2008
Zend Certified Engineer: Zend Framework


July 2013: Jeremiah Small

Directory of Engineering at Soliant Consulting

We have had Ben on two project teams in the last few months, and intend to continue working with him. His experience as a ZF2 core contributor is extremely valuable on our ZF2 projects. In general, Ben is a fast and efficient developer. If he has questions about requirements, he is very good about identifying those and asking for clarification before tackling a task. When he accepts a task, I have high confidence that it will come back complete. Ben has a friendly cooperative attitude, making him a pleasant addition to any development team.

May 2013: Roger Jacques

Self Employed

I've worked with many programmers over the years, and every once in a while you run into someone of Ben's caliber. Ben was the architect and lead programmer on a Zend Framework 2 project of ours, and I was truly amazed at his abilities. Ben is not only extremely knowledgeable on ZF2, he is extremely fast at coding tasks, and when Ben delivers code, it just works. Ben is the type of coder that seems to be able to do the work of multiple other team members. I cannot recommend Ben highly enough.

March 2011: Matthew Weier O'Phinney

Project Lead at Zend Technologies

Ben is a detail-oriented developer, capable of taking a design and implementing it with clean code, full testing, and documentation. He communicates well, both initiating and participating in discussions. As a contributor to Zend Framework, he has been instrumental in driving forward several community initiatives, including the Zend_Application component and participating on the Community Review Team.

June 2009: Thomas Weidner

Core Developer at Zend Technologies

Ben is a very talented IT professional. His ideas are always interesting and usefull and he is also very fast at their integration. I've worked with him since several months and it was always a pleasure. When you need something to be done... ask him :-)

April 2009: Ryan Mauger

Developer at Lupimedia

Ben has proposed, and contributed a great deal to the Zend Framework, and has an incredible understanding of the underlying foundations of the framework. He also writes very clear, easy to read code, of a very high standard. His knowledge of PHP is almost inhuman!

February 2008: Wil Sinclair

Manager at Zend Technologies

As the manager of the Zend Framework project, I can endorse Ben whole-heartedly for his development skills and productivity. He is an important core contributor to the project and is currently working on a component that will dramatically improve ZF.