Website refactoring completed

After over a year working on the refactoring of my website, I'm finally done. The major part was rewriting the entire codebase and making use of the latest and greatest Zend Framework features. At the time of writing, I'm using 1.10.0. Beside all the refactoring, I did also some minor CSS tweaks and added some new features.

I will add some more features in the near future, but I wanted to release the new version as soon as it went stable, which is now. As always, you can check out the source of my website on to see how the website is built and to get an idea on how to use some ZF components.

Since the update also messed up the old directory structure, some images and such may not link correctly anymore. I'm going to fix that as soon as possible. If you experience any problem with the new website, please let me know.

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