Zend_Text_Filget presentation (found again)

While browsing my locale file archive, I found an old screencast presentation about Zend_Text_Filget I made a short time before ZF 1.6 came out. I guess that I never released it, because the sound had some cracks here and there, but after looking over it today, they aren't that annoying in my opinion.

Anyway, I'm releasing this out of fun. If you are interested Zend_Text_Figlet and this 7-minute-piece, you can download it right here:

Zend_Text_Figlet - Screencast

By the way, I will probably make more (crack-free) screecasts about some of my 1.8 components in the future, if I think they would be useful.

PS: Don't criticize my english, it was pretty bad at that time :P