Zend Framework 1.7 in 17 days

Wil Sinclair stated a few hours ago in IRC that Zend is pushing Zend Framework 1.7 on the 15th November, which is in exacly 17 days (fits perfectly with the version number, doesn't it?). The reason for this is the Adobe MAX convention, which will throw some light on the new Zend_Amf.

To get you a short overview of what new amazing features await you:

From my side:

  • Zend_Text_Table
  • Zend_ProgressBar
  • Zend_Config_Writer
  • ZendX_Console_Unix_Process
  • Using Chain-Routes for Hostname-Routes via Zend_Config
  • Global parameters for routes
  • (Probably finished Chain-Routing)

From the rest:

  • ZendX_Jquery
  • Zend_Amf
  • Pluginloader performance improvements
  • And many more ...

And among others lot's of bugfixes. After this release is over, I will organize myself a bit and get ready for the next features in 1.8.

Update: The date was moved to the 16th November (so yet again, 17 days).