Python, MySQLdb and UTF-8

So, after waisting way too much time with UTF-8 and MySQLdb, I've finally found a solutution, which seems to work with the newest version of MySQLdb. You maybe also know this problem with the following error message:

UnicodeEncodeError:'latin-1' codec can't encode character ...

This is because MySQLdb normally tries to encode everythin to latin-1. This can be fixed by executing the following commands right after you've etablished the connection:

dbc.execute('SET NAMES utf8;')
dbc.execute('SET CHARACTER SET utf8;')
dbc.execute('SET character_set_connection=utf8;')

db is the result of MySQLdb.connect(), and dbc is the result of `db.cursor()*.

I hope this will help some guys out, not waisting as much time as I did for this issue.