Delta Labs is dead, long live Aurora!

Within all the time of it's beginning, which lays way behind Hamunaptra or Ancient Remains, the project Delta Labs lost any good things it had, and I had also no ideas what to do with it anymore.

Yesterday, I bought 400 high quallity sci-fi textures from your donations. Thanks again to your for them! Anyway, I will recycle parts of Delta Labs and use them in my new map Aurora. While I'm waiting for the download link to the textures to arrive, I'm building the basic brushwork with the caulk texture.

As you know, I love to post screenshots, so don't wait too long, to come here again and see some of them. This project will not only include garbage from Delta Labs, but also some effects from Ancient Remains. This map will still be mid-sized, not as small as Tremor, but also not as big as Karith Station. A concept drawing on paper is done yet, so I have a good plan on how to do things this time.

So, stay tuned and come back again!