Future plans

I started a thread of what is wanted more in the official Tremulous forums some time ago. As most of my current visitors know, it ends with the fact, that I should first finish Ancient Remains (which I'm still doing as you can see). So but what, when this is done? Here comes a short roadmap of what you can expect from me in the next months:

  • Ancient Remains will be released at the end of this week, if everything wents fine, maybe at the beginning of the next week.
  • Tremstats 0.5 will be developed. You can then see the current server status, and the calculation of players' total efficiency will be optimized.
  • Hamunaptra gets more Tremulous-friendly! The first version was really only a try to see, if the theme itself gets accepted by the players - and it did. So then you will get a nice map with more base locations and the small bugs you've found yet will be fixed.
  • Last but not least, what you all can't wait for: I will make Delta Labs. You maybe saw the beginning screenshots of it in the Tremulous forum some months ago. To drop all speculations on the size of the map; it will be something between Karith Station and Tremor - not to big and not to small.

And whats then? Well, until I've finished those 4 projects, we'll have end of January or February. I'm sure there will still be something to do, but situation changes. So don't miss to always come back to this site to get the newest information!